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Terms, Conditions & Rules of Venue Hire


Hirers of WILUNA Studio are required to agree to the below information with the acceptance of the form located at the bottom of the page.



  • “The premises” means any part of property (internal or external) owned by WILUNA. This includes any and all fixtures, fittings, furniture, plants, equipment and possessions.

  • The “hirer” is any people/persons who are hiring the venue, and includes but is not limited to their servants, agents, contractors, employees.

  • References to gender are considered neutral, words indicating the single may include the plural, and a reference to a person includes a corporation.

  • The agreement on the part of two or more persons will bind them jointly and severally.

  • Requirement of written notice shall include notices sent via email.



  • Be over the age of 18

  • State the activity to take place at the venue prior to the event.

  • Adhere to the hours designated for the hirer.

  • Only enter areas designated for hire (main space, immediate outdoor area, two toilets, etc).

  • Ensure their activities do not impact or affect the safety of others or their wellbeing. This includes attendees, staff and surrounding residents or bystanders.

  • Inform WILUNA immediately of any safety issues or hazards.

  • Not tamper with devices or systems designed for emergency use (e.g. fire extinguisher).

  • Leave the venue in the condition you entered it and closing/locking doors/windows and turning off equipment where required. Keeping the area clean and tidy.

  • Accept full responsibility for the behaviours, actions and consequences of ALL guests/visitors attending the event.

  • Act in accordance with WILUNA venue staff as directed.

  • Agree to WILUNA’s floral exclusivity.



  • Fees may change at any time, please see here for Venue Hire options.

  • The booking form and agreement must be completed and signed with all required information.

  • Times booked must include set up and pack down, including required cleaning.

  • Venue may NOT be sublet by hirer to other individuals or groups.

  • No changes to booking time will be accepted without prior written approval.

  • A refundable venue and key bond of a minimum of $200 is to be paid prior to access being granted to the venue for full private hire.

  • The bond and hire fee are to be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

  • The bond will be returned after the event, provided the conditions of hire have been met.

  • A 30% deposit is required to secure your event at WILUNA Studio.

  • Potential booking may lapse if communication is not had 2 weeks after quote.

  • Fees are subject to change.

  • Cancellations must be written and provided at least 21 days before the event (deposit is non-refundable).

  • Cancellations less than 14 days before the event will be charged at the full amount.



  • The WILUNA Studio is available for use as per availability upon booking enquiry. WILUNA reserves the right to decline your booking.

  • Collection of keys, security access and instructions can be discussed with WILUNA staff prior to the event.

  • Keys must be returned by 10am on the first business day following hire unless otherwise specified.

  • Set-up and removal of hirers goods and possessions are to be carried out within the booking times, unless arranged prior.

  • The Venue must be vacated by all persons and secured within 5 minutes of booking expiration and left in a tidy state (including kitchen, bathrooms, main space, removal of food/drinks/possessions, etc).

  • The hirer must ensure the venue is secure when leaving.

  • Arrival prior to the booked time may result in refusal of entry until designated time.

  • The kitchen has limited capabilities and therefore we recommend you and/or your caterers inspect prior to the booked event.

  • Limited parking is available. Respect the use of bays and disabled parking. Keep all driveways and access areas clear at all times.

  • Hirer will incur fees if WILUNA Studio is not vacated by all person at agreed upon time.

  • Lights and other electronic devices (including heating/cooling) must be switched off upon vacation unless otherwise specified.

  • Hirer is responsible for the departure of guests from WILUNA Studio and must ensure that it does not affect the surrounding residents or people.



  • The hirer is responsible for the conduct and safety of each and every person in attendance at their event / activity / function and for the maintenance and preservation of goodwill generally.

  • If the hirer needs to leave the venue – for any reason - they must nominate a responsible person to act on their behalf.

  • The hirer accepts full responsibility for the behaviour, actions and consequences of all guests/visitors attending the function/event.

  • Children are welcome at the venue. They must be supervised at all times.

  • Offensive behaviour of disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.



  • The hirer is responsible for the replacement cost of any damage or breakages to the premises during period of hire.

  • Damages and breakages must be reported to WILUNA immediately.

  • Use of any emergency equipment must be notified as soon as possible.

  • If equipment is used inappropriately, the cost of inspection and replacement will be charged to the hirer.



  • Hirer is responsible for the adherence to general WHS (Work, Health and Safety) standards.

  • Spillages should be cleaned up immediately to prevent possible injury and/or damage.

  • Hirer must ensure adequate cleaning supplies are on hand for hazards, if unable to be cleaned, the area should be blocked from access.

  • Cleaning is included in the hire cost however the hirer should be mindful of the venue and leave it in a tidy state upon conclusion of the event. Extensive mess may need professional cleaners, and this may result in deduction from the hirer’s bond.

  • Hirer is liable for damages to the premises and may be charged (excluding fair wear and tear). Contact WILUNA immediately if any damage occurs.



  • Certain items such as trestle tables, and floral decorations are available to hire or order upon request. 

  • Tables, chairs and other furniture may be available to hirer upon request. This may require extra fees. This equipment is not be taken from the venue without prior agreement.

  • Do not drag furniture across the floor or lift items that are too heavy.

  • Limited kitchen facilities are available. Any equipment (including cutlery, cups, etc) used should be cleaned and returned to prior condition after event. They should not be removed from the allocated area.

  • Toilets are available and must be left tidy after hire.

  • No animals are allowed unless approved by WILUNA prior to booking, with exception to service animals.

  • No bicycles, roller skates, blades, skateboards, football or soccer boots are permitted without prior consent.

  • Electrical equipment brought into any of the venues MUST comply with relevant Australian Standards. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure any privately-owned electrical equipment has suitable electrical surge and overload protection.

  • There must be no connection of or interference with the electrical installation or any other electrical property without the written permission of WILUNA.

  • Public walkways, toilets and doorways must be left clear at all times.

  • External service providers may be used including entertainers, cleaners, caterers, etc. Check with WILUNA if you unsure if your service provider may be allowed.

  • The hirer is responsible for all persons accessing the venue during the hire period. It is advised that external service providers are made aware of the hire terms and conditions.

  • No external service provider equipment is to remain in the venue after the hire period. Unless arranged prior, this equipment will be forfeit to WILUNA if not collected within 7 days. WILUNA is not responsible for any belongings left or damaged on the premises.

  • Do not enter areas that have not been hired or attempt to open doors to rooms that have not been hired.



  • This includes birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc.

  • Parties/celebrations are recommended to hire security guards at a ratio of 1 security guard per 80 people at a cost of $60/hour with a 3-hour minimum. This is necessary if alcohol will be at the event.

  • A guest list must be provided to WILUNA no later than 48 hours before event.

  • For safety, try to keep details such as the address off social media. Use of the address and other details on invitations should be kept private.

  • Minors are not permitted to drink alcohol.



  • Decorations are welcome and may be used with prior permission from WILUNA.

  • WILUNA reserves the right to floral exclusivity. The hirer agrees that no other person, company, friend, family member, professional or otherwise, will provide fresh or artificial florals of any kind unless discussed and agreed upon prior.

  • Decorations and displays must not be secured using permanent fixtures (e.g. nails) and must not damage the venue.

  • Hirer is responsible for all decorations/displays and must remove them from the venue prior to departure (excluding supplied florals).

  • Hirer is welcome to take florals supplied by WILUNA with them upon conclusion of the event, however is not required.

  • Open flames are prohibited in any part of the premises unless otherwise agreed.

  • Helium balloons are not to be left on the premises.



  • WILUNA reserves the right to floral exclusivity. The hirer agrees that no other person, company, friend, family member, professional or otherwise, will provide fresh or artificial florals of any kind unless discussed and agreed upon prior.

  • Please contact Larissa at hello@wiluna.com.au to discuss your options for floral decoration.



  • Any publicity or advertisement must be confirmed with WILUNA. This includes tickets, posters, advertisement, etc.

  • Use of the WILUNA logo requires prior permission.

  • Promotion must not imply or represent that the views of the event are those of WILUNA.

  • The hirer must not make statements in advertisements which directly or indirectly implies that the event for which is hired is conducted, promoted or otherwise the responsibility of WILUNA unless otherwise organised.



  • Food preparation is designated to the kitchen area only. Please wash hands before handling.

  • Basic cleaning is included in the hire fee, please be mindful of this and leave the studio in a tidy state, removing your rubbish, food and beverages upon conclusion of hire.

  • Some basic cleaning equipment is available for use.

  • Spillages must be cleaned immediately.

  • A cleaning fee may be incurred again the bond if the premises are not left in satisfactory condition as determined by WILUNA and require professional cleaning.


  • Alcohol must not be brought onto the premises without prior consent of WILUNA.

  • Events with alcohol require security guards at a ratio of 1 security guard per 80 people.

  • Security costs at $60/hour with a 3-hour minimum.

  • If alcohol is to be sold at the event the provider must obtain a liquor license and provide a copy to WILUNA. 

  • The hirer is responsible for the safe consumption of alcohol at the event and must ensure that no persons under the age of 18 obtain or consume alcohol. The hirer will ensure that no alcohol is carried away or consumed by guests outside the venue.

  • No illicit drugs are permitted in or on the WILUNA premises.

  • The WILUNA premises is a non-smoking environment (both inside and outside).



  • The hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified WILUNA against all losses, expenses, liabilities, claims and damages incurred as a result of or arising out of the hiring of the premises.



  • ALL hirers are required to have Public Liability Insurance in a sum not less than $10,000,000. A copy must be provided at time of booking confirmation.

  • Hirers are advised to consult with their own insurance company to arrange their insurance.



  • Please refer to Fire Equipment and Evacuation plan attached and provided in all rooms of all venues.

  • ALL exit doors, Fire Exit doors and driveways MUST be kept clear at ALL times.

  • In the case of emergencies (fire, unwelcome intruder, etc.) the Hirer agrees to act in accordance with Emergency Rules and Procedures provided by WILUNA and follow such direction in these circumstances.

  • Fire/Police/Ambulance emergencies only dial 000.

Address: 3 Wiluna Street, Fyshwick, 2609, ACT. Nearest cross road is Ipswich Street.

WILUNA reserves the right to:

  • Change or amend Terms, Conditions & Rules of Venue Hire at any time.

  • Terminate an agreement, with any individual or organisation at any time.

  • In the event of a dispute arising due to interpretation of conditions in this agreement, the word of WILUNA’s Larissa Hrstic will be final.







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