27 September 2019


NECTAR represents the relationship between the feminine and the floral

Photography by Zoe Spaleta

See special credits below

Exhibition NECTAR by WILUNA


Special mentions to: The Prop Smith dry ice and lighting effects @thepropsmith, Cafe gather burrito pop up @gather.braddon, Brown Brothers  sparkling wine sponsor @brownbrothers, Shaw Wines red and white wine @shawwines, Capital Brewing beer sponsor @capitalbrewing, Sweet Bones Bakery chocolate brownies @sweetbonesbakery, Videographer Anton for @near_noush, Zoe Photography @zoelena_, Jenny Wu Photography @jennywuphotography, Laura Photography @burkla , Amy Capeda Makeup @amycapedamakeup, Kate Lily Hair Dressing @katelilydressinghair, Canberra Rubber Stamps and Signs @canberrarubberstampsandsigns, Bitten Good Foods vegan cheeses and dips sponsor @bittengoodfoods and Floral Styling, Concept Space and Event Director